The Importance Of Technology In VFX Training

When the field of special effects is considered, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of advanced techniques and technologies to create images.  There are instances when technology is used to manipulate the images and it must be stressed that the best results are when the technology is applied to a situation after having had a good control over the whole processes.


Resolving the man machine conflict in special effects creation

At the very end of use of special effects, it is nothing but the manipulation of images to create a make belief world of its own.  The early stages of VFX involved painting over the images on celluloid but modern special effects are created with little recourse to the film as the canvas.  What stands out in the field is the increasing use and dependence on technology and computers.

It must be pointed out that while working on the effects, the need to be creative should be balanced with the natural feel to the scene.  Without this sort of a balance, the whole exercise would tend to be without life and easily made out as being just the effects.


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