The strong role that digitization has played in the VFX training

The strong point of digitization has been the ability to recreate the same set of effects at different instances.  There is also a greater sense of control when digitization is used.  If more than anything, the field of special effects is going to get still more digitized going forward and the future applications of technology would be to integrate the digital systems still further into the field.

Another important role that digitization has played is in bringing down the cost of creating the VFX.  Often the modular approach that the digitization efforts take would ensure that a particular job can be used in another instance and just by changing the presentation.

The role of the VFX platforms in training processes

There are a number of platforms in use with the creation of the VFX.  Each of the platforms do have its strong points and the folks that do need the effects created would typically insist on the use of a particular application for the simple reason that it would be easy to integrate the work being executed.

From the practical point of view, there really is little purpose served by trying to master a number of platforms or software.  More than that, it is more important to have the complete mastery over the single application that is being chosen.  Most needs can be met by a single platform and it is only a matter of ease of creating the effects.  arena_logo


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